Consign Your Car

Consign Your Car

The classic car market has shown steady growth and healthy returns on investment for many years now, giving owners another dimension to their asset which goes hand in hand with the prime purpose of sheer motoring enjoyment. As many of these pieces of engineering age and mature, a greater appreciation develops and more often than not they begin to be considered as art in motion. Here at William I’Anson Ltd, we are very much at the forefront in this world and as such are perfectly placed to confidentially discuss an appraisal with you.

We have a wide ranging international network of clients, a crisp website, along with our distinctive adverts in top motoring magazines and online marketplaces ensuring thorough coverage of your car reaches all potential buyers. We are present at historic race meetings and motoring shows, keeping ourselves at the forefront of the collectors’ car scene.

A number of deals are also completed privately, away from the public eye without the cars being advertised, where confidentiality is required by the buyer or seller.

A large part of our business model revolves around selling fine cars by consignment, it’s what we do and our results speak for themselves. We understand that deciding to part with your classic, racing, or collectors’ car can sometimes be a daunting prospect.

With our in depth knowledge of the classic, collectors’ and racing car markets we are the prime option to get you the best result. We would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you.