The Ex-Plimley Motors, Jim Rattenbury, Starr Calvert, Canadian Racing, 1955 Jaguar D-Type

  • Chassis Number: XKD 558
  • Engine Number: E2064-9
  • Registration Number: FSK 214

  • It is a pleasure to be able to offer for sale such a complete and original example of Jaguar’s iconic 'Short Nose' D-Type, still retaining its original factory monocoque, engine, chassis, and bonnet. Furthermore, the rare early back axle and gearbox are also original, albeit from another car.
  • With a well documented history, this has to be one of the most prolifically raced of all the D-Types in period. With at least 38 races, we know of so far, between 1957 and 1965, it took a staggering 15 race wins, 10 second place finishes, 6 third place finishes and 6 class wins.
  • Delivered new to Canada through Oxford Motors in Vancouver and then to Plimley Motors Ltd where it was used as a demonstration car in 1956 and 1957.
  • Sold to Jim Rattenbury who ardently campaigned it with notable success both on the West Coast of Canada and Northwest Coast of America, from 1957 until 1960.
  • Sold to Starr Calvert in early 1961 who picked up where Jim Rattenbury left off, notching up multiple wins until 1965. Over the 8 year period of Rattenbury and Calvert’s ownerships, this unique example saw some exciting development, which started with the fitting of fuel injection, then a De Dion rear axle, a Roots supercharger and eventually a 7-Litre Ford 427 V8 engine.
  • Sympathetically restored by Chris Keith-Lucas of CKL at Lynx Motors in 1973, again in 1990, and inspected by him during its last and most recent restoration. At this point he wrote an extensive report on the car, expressing its completeness and originality.
  • A very much a dominant force in the Woodcote Trophy, a Le Mans Classic regular and a competitive front running car at the Goodwood Revival.
  • During the last restoration the decision was taken to remove the original front chassis frame and bonnet and set them aside, along with the original engine and gearbox, to protect the originality of the car. A new bonnet, front chassis, 3.4-litre engine and gearbox were fitted to allow the car to be raced at the forefront of current historic motorsport without risk of damage to the cars important heritage.
  • One of the great privileges in this business is having the opportunity to delve deep into a cars history, look at the facts and period images and, with the help of world class experts, be able to prove it is so much more significant a car than may have been represented in the past. This car is exactly that!
  • Offered publicly for sale for the first time in 14 years, this is only a brief glimpse of the car's rich history and what it has to offer. For more information please contact Will or one of the team and we would be delighted to confidentially discuss the car in detail with you.

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